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Water in water

Nature found a smart solution to guide Electricity in a body that consists mainly of water. Water can cause short circuit and myeline (?) is a greasy matter that repels water. Myeline is besides that flexible and there fore very useful for the nerve system.

Myeline is not strong because the cells have a strong mutual attraction (all greasy matters aren’t strong). That is why it is so flexible. Compare it to bone tissue of which cells have a mutual high attraction but aren’t fexible. But myeline is not strong and there fore has to be constantly ignited. Someone compared the nerve system with a colander. So, it has to be torn down constantly…

With guiding electricity it is the same as being pregnant: a little bit does not exist. Especially with the weak streams in case of the nerve system, the smallest distraction is enough to hinder a good conduct. Blood conducts electricity as well (it contains as you know water and salts). This means that it is not possible to have bloodstreams within nerves. This would cause short-circuit and therefore hinder the process of the nerves. There won’t be much activity in the nerves (as you know for all processes blood is needed).

What is the guidance material for the nerves? It is not metal. It is not neurones (?), you can find those only at the ends and clutches of the nerves in the brain. It is just water. Well, better said water with dissolved salts as pure water doesn’t guide electricity. Free electrons in the outside layer of the salt atoms (?) make the water guiding. You don’t want to think of what can happen if the nerve system dries out: the nerves would loose their guiding quality.

Because myeline is not strong, it needs to be kept together. Everone knows that a normal sausage is a lot of meat kept together by a thin skin. It appears you can keep a lot together with just a little. This could also be the case for myeline. The thin inner surface seems to me very vulnerable. It would in any case explain why at some moments there is so much myeline is broken down: if the inner surface starts leaking a lot of myeline is set free that has to be broke down.

Because water has such a large role in the guiding of stings, I would like to know if my nerve system is drying out. You cannot measure this with a MRI-scanner because it only shows you the electric streams. You could do this with radargolves because they can detect water (think about the rainradar for the predication of weather.