- Under Wonder - MS

Recently the results of a research are published which suggests that the break down of myelin has another cause. (Have a look at).
Even more recent are the results of another research published in which a virus is pointed as the possible reason of MS. 90 percent of the people with MS, ME and other forms of epilepsy, have anti-oxidants in their blood. While 0 percent of the “healthy” people have this in their blood.

Remarkably enough this company that discovered this virus took a patent on the recognition of the virus. This way you can recognise that it is real.

It seems to me that the immune system has a cleaning task in that case, a civil task so to say. The idea is that the virus hides itself in the cells that creates myelin. By doing that it has access to the myelin and destroys it cells. Probably for the energy it represents.

So remember closely: Multiple Sclerosis is not an auto-immune disease!!! The virus does play a trick to prevent the immune system to attack the virus: it makes sure that a specific oxidant (stat-1) is not longer available. An interesting trick.

The immune system surely breaks down one of the ground oxidants of myelin. (have a look at).

The question is of that is because the oxidant circulates freely in the blood and needs to be cleaned. Maybe that the protein (myelin is nothing more than a collection of proteins) that is not broken down by the virus is not is not suitable for the virus or the protein is too small and doesn’t enter the blood circulation…….