- Under Wonder - Defence mechanism

We have about five billion cells in our defence mechanism in our blood. That is for a good reason because if bacteria enter our brain we can die from it. That is within a few seconds. The blood circulates through our body that fast. It is unlikely that that is the only task of these billion cells. There are simply too much of them.

Everything in nature is KISS. KISS. KISS means Keep It Simple, Stupid. This abbreviation comes from astronautics. The example is that the Americans created, special for this goal, a ballpoint that works in weightless situations (you need gravity to get the ink running to the point of the ballpoint), while the Russians just wrote with a pencil. The nature is just like that, it just needs to work. Emphatically, nature is even more sufficient than the human being. Simple but effective.

The current hypothesis in the medical science is that MS is a disease which tumbles the immune system and breaks down myelin. There is a medicine that slows down the progression with 30%. But in my case (Primary Progressive MS) this medication doesn’t work. These medicines are so called immune system repressors.

It is a dogma to state that the immune system has only a defensive task. It also has a civil (domestic) tasks. With this I mean that the immune system is also used for break down processes that need to take place in the body. The break down of myelin is one of them.

Myelin is created in large amounts and also needs to be broken down. It is better to speak about a “breakdown system” then of a “immune system”. All the knowledge stays the same, just a part is added. Part of medical science already knows that the immune system is also used for civil goals but it underestimates the amount of tasks the immune system has. Have a look also at the article which states that the immune system is used for the break down of a number of body oxidants.